Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultations with Tory


Bringing our Selves back to its natural state of balance.
With today’s world having so many different “instant” diets promising weight-loss and the ultimate health, we must realize that each and every one of us is an individual, so what works for one person may not work for another.

As our external environment changes constantly through changes in the weather, season, physical excercise or lack of, as well as our private life with stress, family situations, work life, thess changes affect our internal environment of the physical, mental and emotional body. Therefore w need to ajust our lives to remain in balance.

From the moment we begin to live our lives in the way to balance our present imbalance (vikruti) and then according to our own constitution (prakruti), we experience a shift in our daily life and well-being, enabling us to life our life in a fuller way.

Through diagnosis of the pulse we can discover what your basic constitution (prakruti) is and what your present state of health is (vikruti).
We will look at your passed health conditions, mental and emotional states, general life history,  tongue, face and nails analysis and look at how you presently are living your daily life.
Then we can set up a daily routine that is right for you, creating the opportunity for your body’s natural intelligence to bring itself back into its happy state of balance, physically and mentally.

Though Ayurveda focuses on preventative health care, it also offers many wonderful remedies once health is disturbed and out of balance for both acute and chronic symptoms.

Consultations can be booked via email at  http://delightyoga.nl/en/consult/ayurvedic-nutrition-lifestyle-consultations/.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 70 euros


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