“Fourty two days for fourty two years” is a saying in ayurveda meaning the food and lifestyle choices that the new mother makes from the moment she gives birth for the next 42 days (6 weeks), will affect her future 42 years physically, mentally, emotionally.
This shows the importance of that beautiful and precious window of the post-natal period.
We can either bring ourselves even more out balance, or, by making quite simple food and lifestyle choices can use those six weeks as a magical window to rejuvenate ourselves, making new mommy and baby both happy!

Workshops are given for the woman to attend WHILE SHE IS STILL PREGNANT.
Ideally, when she is in her second or third trimester, so she can start preparing for the post-natal time, physically and mentally.

To check upcoming workshops, please go to Delight Yoga’s website,

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this absolutely priceless information!

Namaste to you and your little one inside!


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